Workshop Focus: Fuel system service

A 1989 U1300L Unimog has visited us for some repairs and upgrades. The ubiquitous “Diesel Bug” had clogged up the fuel system and a full flush of the system was carried out including fuel tank removal and new filters all around. The owner had bought the Mog as a warm countries import and thus no heater had been fitted. We were tasked with making a heater system for it and have used various parts from our used stores and new items to retro fit as near as original the heater for the customer.

The Unimog lacked any cab fitted power points for modern electrics like phone chargers, sat-nav. Looking to future proof later upgrades and to get maximum operational flexibility following discussions with the customer we designed a new 12v system capable of high amp load jump-starting to low amp USB ports incorporating a split charging system, a new AGM battery and 1kW 240v pure sine wave inverter, along with new work lights and a camera system it has been comprehensively brought up to modern times. Making a separate power system for these meant the 24v system will always have a charge to start the machine after a busy day out working. 

Various oil & air leaks were attended to with some valves & solenoids replaced to get everything functioning as they should. The brakes were stripped out all round and everything checked to ensure no seizure before lubricating and reassembly, all quite normal for these machines as they are 30+ years old now.

For full details for Unimog Service and Repairs please see out Service page by Clicking HERE