Workshop focus: Final drive refurb & maintenance tips

Its been a busy few weeks in our Unimog workshop with a mixture planned maintenance and repair jobs filling the bays. One job has been a refurbishment of a final drive on a U1650 road railer. Heavy use over the years had resulted in excess wear and scoring on the final drive gears and the bearing surface has become pitted.

ibbetts unimog service

Once the issue was diagnosed our technicians ordered replacement gear, seals and bearings and once the housing had been cleaned up the final drive was reassembled and refitted to the machine. We use Mercedes Benz original spare parts and a synthetic oil was used in the final drives once assembled.

unimog workshop service repair

Synthetic oil is recommended to ensure smooth running and to maximise the lifetime of the bearings and bearing surfaces. Each final drive uses approximately 800ml of oil. It is also worth changing the axle oil when you change final drive oil which take about 2.5 litres each. So 10litres of oil will see all the axles and final drives changed and ensure smooth running for the next 12 months.

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